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Seen and noted: Lucky Cat candy packaging


Ingenious stuff, this. We see two gum ball shaped candies. The creative mind sees a cat. Here’s a cute packaging for a candy – a cellophane sheet transforms them into Maneki Neko – a lucky charm.

The facial expression of the cat changes in every pack. Enough to make adults fight for it with kids. Via  The Die Line.

Brand experience: small gestures, big difference


There are several books on Brand Experience, the importance of retail in the process and the concept of integrated brand message. A couple of recent incidents brought alive the concept of brand experience for me, like no book can, recently. The advertising for men’s fashion brands in India has some common elements: hunks, models as corporate bigwigs, showcasing of the merchandise and...

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25


iBlogPro3 looks better than Thesis. Wondering if I should give it a try? not as customizable as Thesis #thesiswp # Colgate's leadership stance initiativen- free dental checkups # @pearsonified totally agree! I *did* say that nothing is as customizable as Thesis! in reply to pearsonified # Verizon's Droid attempts a 'Get a Mac' on the iPhone # Ninety Years of Refrigerators, and...

The first rule of charity advertising : be specific


Heard a couple of radio spots over at Radio Indigo which were about Saving the Tiger. Well known personalities like Anil Kumble and Harish Bijoor came on air and said that they have pledged for the cause and asked listeners to do the same. All very well, but a minor point was missed out. How am I supposed to support the cause? The details are available on the website and involves sending in a...

Should Apple axe the ‘Get a Mac’ ads?


The Get a Mac ads have been running from 2006. I find it heartening that an advertiser is backing a campaign consistently and hasn’t tinkered with it for nearly 3 years now. Agencies too are known to get bored with a theme and change messages frequently. In that context, kudos to Apple and TBWA\Media Arts Lab. It has obviously delivered results in the marketplace and even won the Grand...

Windows 7: it’s all good so far


The vibes surrounding the Windows 7 launch seem to be all positive. The reviews have been good overall and the response seems to be encouraging for Microsoft. My two-bits about the launch and prospects in India: 1. India is still predominantly a Windows XP base. While the OS is positively ancient, many businesses and individuals have not found anything hugely wrong with it. Several businesses...

Sports Marketing in India: the pitfalls


One of the tweets about the Airtel T20 Champions league asked: ‘Who is playing? Where? And more importantly, why?’. That pretty much summed up the attitude towards the tournament. Once the local teams got knocked out in the early stages, whatever little viewer interest remained in Champions League, vanished. Iss Diwali ban gayi, gup wali. Local team participation is a sure-fire boost...

Droid attempts to do a ‘Get a Mac’ on Apple’s iPhone


Verizon has released a teaser for it’s upcoming Droid phone and seems to have touched a raw nerve among iPhone users. Going by the comments over at YouTube,  posts from Fake Steve Jobs and articles, the gloves are off. Apple is the smaller player in the computing market and their ‘Get a Mac’ ads have successfully poked fun at the leader and even forced them to react with a...

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