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The World Cup vs IPL debate


Is advertising on IPL a better bet for marketers compared to the cricket World Cup? That’s the question posed to leading marketers over the last fortnight or so. Interesting debates have happened on CNBC’s Storyboard and on print media (good reads here, here and here).The summary of the debate & discussions seems to be: – the risk attached to the early exit of India (as in...

The rise and fall of ad markets


There was a time when several leading national advertisers were based in Chennai: Ponds, Citibank, MRF, Ford to name a few. Of late, many of those businesses have either moved out of Chennai (like Ponds and Ford India,)  or have become less visible on national media. I was told by a local ad man that more than Rs.400 crores of billing has moved out of Chennai in the last year alone. I can’t...

Seen and noted: Lee ‘Never Wasted’ bag


@GrimmFaced sent me this link on Twitter, with a request to RT. The work? An eco-friendly shopping bag for Lee. According to the Happy blog: We went for something a bit more inventive than just a bag made of recycled paper. The ‘Never Wasted’ shopping bag – a bag that can be used and reused in one way or another. Some for fun, some for function, but nothing ever goes into the trash. The bag looks...

Why I like the ‘HT No TV Day’


I could not gauge the impact of HT’s ‘No TV Day‘ initiative in Mumbai on Jan 29, as I don’t live there. But for me, it would count among the big, bold promo ideas of recent times. The campaign was mocked on Twitter (not suggesting that Twitter is the only barometer of sentiments) – as is the case with Twitterati who mock everything. Some suggested that despite the...

The new screens: hype or reality?


This article of mine appeared in the Brand Wagon supplement of The Financial Express, today: In a recent survey among marketers in the US, it was reported that demand for mobile media services is “not yet living up to the industry hype”. The “not living up to hype” part could very well be true about various new media avenues too. While social networking platforms, mobile phones and tablets have...

Listerine: shall we tweet about bad breath or plaque?


There was a nice little media innovation for Listerine the other day on Sunday Times. Without any unwieldy cut out, it managed to attract one’s attention, mainly because it had an idea. The reveal ad was about 100% oral protection, thus linking the ‘incomplete’ idea of the front page. The TVC brings out the same idea differently. So far so good. But looking at the brand’s...

Account Management as a career: lost sheen


‘Where have all the young men (and women) gone?‘ asked a thought-provoking blog post from Babita Baruah. Going by the number & quality of comments, the topic – where do the bright young sparks in advertising go, few years into their career – seems to have touched a chord. The topic has been in the limelight for quite some time now. According to agency CEO interviews...

Volkswagen Passat: the upside of the Super Bowl gamble


Does advertising on the Super Bowl makes sense? The debate is back. At $3mn for a single 30-sec spot this year (gulp, that’s Rs.15 cr – annual budget for a typical large client here in India), the question is worth asking, given the recessionary times in the US. The debate usually revolves around the direct impact in sales or lack of it of such activity. In its favour,  people argue...

In Social Media, there is no ‘delete’ button


Setting up a Facebook fan page or a Twitter feed for a brand is the easy part. Figuring out a strategy and keeping the conversation going is the tough part. Even tougher is dealing with mistakes, even unintended ones. Kenneth Cole, the American clothing designer’s attempt at humour misfired. His attempt to link the turmoil in Cairo to Egyptians clamouring for Kenneth Cole’s new spring...

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