One thing we’d like to see in next year’s Goafest

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There is one thing common to most international advertising awards, be it Cannes, Epica, London International Awards or Clio: great online coverage of the event. Even relatively recent awards like the Dubai Lynx awards has a great event website covering everything from speaker profiles, event schedules and most importantly, a creative showcase. The showcase especially, is a great way to catch up on the short listed and winning work.

Sadly, India’s most premier advertising award show, Goafest fares poorly on this count. The official website does not carry a showcase of the short listed entries or the winning ones. While the press ads & posters were ready well in advance, the online activity seem a bit neglected. The official Twitter handle’s last update was on April 5, a good 2 days before the event. One was left to rely on reports & tweets from trade publications to follow the goings on at the event.

As an aside, going by the reports & tweets a majority of the speeches in the Knowledge Seminar had their share of ‘people are our biggest assets’ kind of comments. Most of the speakers in such events rely on cookie-cutter presentations (can’t blame them) and tend to dish out the same stuff over time.  Can something be done to break the pattern next year?

Can Goafest 2012 be different at least on the official online coverage front? Please.

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  1. Anbuchezhian Reply

    To top it all all speakers were talking about digital and the official site did not take any steps to even update content . Can you beleive this ? And we go on platforms and spew the importance of digital.

  2. Completely true…. the worst part was the Digital Awards being held a day early without any intimation at all… so much for professionalism…


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