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The mobification of the social web


In an interesting post titled, ‘The broadcast-ification of social media‘, Jake Levine, General Manager of Digg writes that social media platforms are all evolving towards a more traditional broadcast media model. He writes about the relationship between content discovery and the quality of conversation: ‘group conversations get worse as groups grow, and groups grow as group...

TAC #Homesafely: a road safety outdoor campaign that taps into Social Media


We have all seen those ‘Don’t drink & drive’ banners especially during New Year’s revelry. Sadly, such an important message has been reduced to a bland, wallpaper which most people simply ignore. In Australia, the Traffic Accident Commission which has done some great, effective advertising over the years has launched ‘Homesafely‘ a new, social-media powered...

Santa Claus is coming to Google Chrome: building brand halo


Google has launched an extension for Chrome that enables you to follow Santa Claus along his route. You can also use the extension to follow the countdown to his departure, play around with his blimp, elf bus, and write messages on a frosty browser window. There is a Google Maps Santa Tracker microsite too, where kids can play cool games and know more about Santa. Efforts like these do two...

Cafe Coffee Day #sitdown: salute to the idea


The new Cafe Coffee Day commercial, is being talked about in social media. The core idea, according to Campaign India: the ad portrays youngsters shunning the idea of ‘standing up’ for every issue. They decide to spread a new culture, a new ‘ism’: ‘Sit down-ism’. The bottom line remains that a lot can happen over coffee; the commercial urges the audience to...

IDEA Honey Bunny: content goes viral


I happened to see the new IDEA commercial, Honey Bunny on the net thanks to teasers on YouTube and links on Twitter. I haven’t heard it on radio or watched it on TV. If you were to go by the comments on Twitter, there are many who hate it.  And then there are YouTube and Facebook commenters who love it. When I first viewed it, while I found it amusing, I did a double-take when they...

Guest Post: Has Incredible India missed the global brand bus?


Recently, in my Global Brand Strategy class, I was sharing the Interbrand rankings of the ‘Top 100 Global Brands’. Some of my students raised an important and interesting question, “Why was there not a single Indian brand in the list?” (After all, we are there nowadays on most other global lists). This got me thinking and raised more questions than answers. Starting trouble The Interbrand list is...

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