Cafe Coffee Day #sitdown: salute to the idea

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The new Cafe Coffee Day commercial, is being talked about in social media. The core idea, according to Campaign India: the ad portrays youngsters shunning the idea of ‘standing up’ for every issue. They decide to spread a new culture, a new ‘ism’: ‘Sit down-ism’. The bottom line remains that a lot can happen over coffee; the commercial urges the audience to ‘sit down’ with a cup and have that conversation, whatever it is about.

Agency: Creativeland Asia

What I liked about it was that the agency didn’t just set out to create a new TV script but set out to create an idea. With so many youngsters feeling frustrated about the conflicts in the world and wondering why people can’t just get together, sit down and talk things over, the central idea is bound to connect with the target audience. As others have pointed out, the true potential of the idea is its ability to go beyond just a TVC. It hasn’t happened yet but looking forward to the campaign idea across new media platforms. Kudos to the team.

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