Mazda Driving Matters: pitching it right, to the emotional brain

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We’ve seen this in advertising for mobile handsets: a majority of brands put out a laundry list of technical features and hope it will dazzle the consumer into buying. But when it comes to purchase decisions it is the emotional brain which rules. I remember Prof Baba Shiv of Stanford Business School, saying this: the rational brain is great in only rationalising what the emotional brain has already decided. I was reminded of this when I saw this wonderful new ad for Mazda:

Agency: The Garage/Team Mazda (WPP). Via.

Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame lends the voice over which adds so much character to the narration and the film. Loved the copywriting too.



One might argue that the proposition can be applicable for other car brands (with a heritage) too but then in a parity product category the ‘story’ and the execution makes a difference. What say?

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  1. A nice way to connect to hearts of the people..Feeling connected..:)

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