Savlon, Vicks #TouchOfCare, Tide and more: 7 top creative ads of the week

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I follow a handful of advertising portals which showcase new work. While most of those are run of the mill, some are memorable. A few of them are promoted heavily by a PR machinery too so that they bubble up across various news portals too. I also scour for interesting ads at the end of the week. Here’s a collection of some creative ads from last week.

1. Savlon: Braille packaging

It’s always nice to see communication rooted firmly in the product feature and the benefit thereof. It’s doubly nice to see such an ad anchored on a packaging change suggested by the ad agency. Savlon, the antiseptic has launched blind-friendly braille packaging, which these two ads highlight. Notably, the mood is upbeat, depicting the blind carrying on with normal everyday things as against the cliche of depicting the blind in a dreary situation. Not sure if this will win as big as last year’s brand communication but there are always award categories for packaging innovation.

Agency: Ogilvy

2. Vicks: #TouchOfCare

Here’s an ad which is sure to leave every viewer teary eyed and rushing to press ‘like’ or sharing it on social media. With a subject like this, one can’t go wrong. It is a touching story of a girl who suffers from one of the world’s rarest skin conditions. The role of her parents in adopting her and showering her with unconditional love and a ‘touch of care’ connects the story to the brand. The role of the brand maybe tenuous and only at the ‘brand philosophy’ level but the overall communication works wonders in today’s age of view counts and shares. The film is also backed by a concerted PR campaign from MSL, hence all across the ad blogs. This is sure to win many metals across awards.

Agency: Publicis, Singapore

3. Audi Quattro: hitchhiker

The off-road capability of Audi Quattro is told through the story of a hitchhiker who gets lost in the wilderness.

Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi Sofia

4. Amazon Prime: Great Shows Stay With You

Binge watching streaming shows is part of our internet lives now. Video is responsible for 58% of internet traffic; while Netflix dominates this world there are other players investing behind bingo-worthy originals. In a unique take Prime Video UK dramatises the effect of binge watching popular shows on our lives – we adapt characteristics of their protagonists.

Agency: Droga5

4. Tinka Lottery: luxuries for less

Ads for lottery tickets play upon our instinct of ‘you never know what will happen’ and that keeps us buying them in hope. In these set of ads from Peru, the inexpensive nature of such tickets is highlighted by comparing the cost with everyday items people spend on.

Agency: Y&R, Lima, Peru

5. Amazon: family business

A montage of visuals set to foot tapping music is common in advertising. In this ad for Amazon, set to Canned Heat’s ‘Let’s Work Together’ the story of a small business which makes it big thanks to Amazon is niftily conveyed.

6. Nike: late bloomer

The ad featuring Colin Kaepernick created a lot of controversy for Nike. This one is unlikely to but sure conveys the brand idea of ‘Just Do It’ very well.

7. Tide: It’s a Tide Ad

‘It’s a Tide ad’ must rank as one of the most innovative creative ideas of recent times. It hijacks other ads and make it Tide’s own. In a recent NFL game, the brand did the same with an actual live telecast. Loved it. Wonder if fatigue will set in soon to the idea though.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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