#Clio2015: Shutterstock – one image, many advertising ideas

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The short list for the Clio Awards 2015 have been announced (with 10 short lists from India). While there are lots of interesting entries in new media categories, I was curious to check out short lists in my favourite, albeit old school category: print. Among the many great entries, a standout entry was the one for Shutterstock. The idea: one image from their bank of images can trigger lots of advertising ideas.




[Click on the images for a larger view]

Agency: Leo Burnett. Images via: Clio Awards

The fun part is seeing how an image can be a perfect fit for ideas across so many diverse categories. It brings a smile to your face. The irony is that this is too close to reality. We’ve all seen how art directors search for inspiring images first and then try and retrofit an idea. Also, a visual idea which was rejected or didn’t make the cut for a pitch in one category can be adapted to a totally unrelated category. This campaign actually puts a positive spin on that. Loved it – especially the categories in the shark visual.

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