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Brilliant outdoor for @johnlewisretail by @aandeddb


Love at first sight. What a clever piece of work. Great to see creativity even for tactical announcers like these. Airline brands have traditionally integrated characteristics of the destination and what it is famous for in their destination announcer advertising. But a lot of agencies and clients simply settle for ‘Now open in’ type of bland announcers. Glad to see this clever visual...

Thoughts on Apple event and reactions: Part 2


We are now in the ‘post-event critique’ phase of the Apple launch, with every element of the launch event and launch plans being analysed and critiqued. Herewith my unsolicited views on the event and the reactions thus far: Part 1 of the post is here. The big screen: about a year late Steve Jobs is said to have made the ‘7-inch tablets are DOA’ comment. He has also reportedly mocked large screen...

Thoughts on Apple event and reactions: Part 1


Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans, goes the famous quotation. With Apple, it can be modified to say, ‘Record sales is what happens when media & critics find fault with almost everything the brand does’. The reason: news about Apple gets attention; bad news about Apple gets even more attention. When it comes to product launches, the brand is under the microscope like no...

Apple Watch event and pointers for brands


It has been a year since the first rumours started about Apple launching a wearable device, most commonly speculated to be a watch. In a couple of days from now, we will know if Apple delivers on expectations. Actually, the company will never actually deliver on expectations because (a) the expectations themselves are spectacular, even unreal and (b) there will always be a section of consumers...

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