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Despite debates on costs & scams, advertising awards will thrive


Do award winning ads have a business impact? Should the ad industry be obsessed about awards? These are questions which pop up almost every year in the advertising & marketing industry. Aside from these, the debate around the prohibitive costs of sending entries to advertising award shows and scam work being awarded in such shows has been going around for years. Recently, Publicis Groupe said...

Gillette’s touching ad, Charmin’s Van-Go and more: creative ideas of the week


1. Gillette: Assisted Shaving Razor It is so refreshing to see a long format, web film which is anchored on the product. We have all seen many such initiatives where one is left wondering about the tenuous link of the brand to the theme advertised. This film, launched to introduce TREO, the ‘first-ever razor designed solelyfor assisted shaving‘. The film is a touching story of a son...

10 print and outdoor winners from #CannesLions 2017


News from Cannes Lions dominates the advertising world this time of the year. While ‘digital’ driven ideas get their fair share of attention I always look out for the traditional print and outdoor creatives which stand out. Here are a few which caught my eye in the Print and Outdoor categories (in no particular order): 1. AXA Health Insurance Nice combination of a headline which stops...

Moto Z branded content, immunisation charm and more: creative ideas of the week


There are hundreds of commercial messages vying for our attention everyday across traditional and new media. Only a handful are noticed. Here are a few creative ideas which caught my eye, the week ending 16th June, 2017: Moto Z’s branded content initiative in Brail, immunisation charm and more. 1. Moto Z branded content The Moto Z is a new phone which aims to be different in the smartphone...

Of work-life balance, purpose and priorities


The debate around work-life balance is not new. Essentially the emphasis is about not allowing one’s work priorities negatively impact responsibilities towards self and family. It is not about dividing time equally between work and leisure but deep down we all attempt to seek a balance between our work and ‘personal’ lives. But are they two separate lives? We all have...

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