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Royal Mail ‘heist’, Delta airport codes and more: creative ideas of the week


1. Royal Mail: the heist Bank heists have been used as a setting for TV spots and print ads in the past but largely with a comical streak. Here is an ad which is serious and aggressive in that context, to drive home the dangers of data theft. Agency: M&C Saatchi 2. Land Rover: traffic puns Puns of urban traffic terms juxtaposed with the ‘great outdoors’ has been attempted before...

Of crowdsourcing creative ideas and Doordarshan logo


Doordarshan, India’s public broadcaster, has announced plans to change its logo. The move is apparently triggered by the need to appeal to a younger audience. The new design is sought to be crowdsourced from the general public and the winning entry comes to with a cash prize of INR 100,000 (approx $1560). Predictably, there is outrage among a certain section on the logo change. The argument is...

Memories of ad agency life from the early 90s


‘Those were the days’.  Every era sees folks of a certain vintage utter these words as they look back wistfully on days past. In the 90s, I am sure many of us who listened to nonsense lyrics in Hindi movies and would have gone  ‘those were the days’ about lyrics of the 80s or 70s. In 2017, we look back at the music of the 90s and go ‘those were the days’. It happens with advertising too...

20 best ads of the year (so far)


I have been sharing creative ideas which caught my eye, every week (almost). Here is a ‘best of the best’ selection from those compiled over the first six months of the year. Hope you enjoy them. For more, do check out the archives. 1. IKEA – win at sleeping Here’s a campaign which made me envious of the strategy, creative and the execution. In order to promote...

Adorable ads from @TBWA_Paris for McDonalds, @motherlondon for IKEA and more: creative ideas of the week


1. McDonalds: the door ‘Irresistible taste’ is a common platform in food advertising. The proposition has lent itself to variations like ‘will go to any length to have it’ or ‘a bribe you can’t say no to’. Remember, the old ‘jalebi!’ ad from Dhaara? A new spot for McDonalds, France taps on these sentiments wonderfully. The spot is anchored on...

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