Of Nike, higher order benefit and brand purpose


I didn’t know who Colin Kaepernick was until a few days ago. Blame it on my lack of interest beyond cricket. I saw the print version on social media with the line ‘Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything’. I did not immediately connect with with Nike’s long running ‘Just Do It’ theme. Since I did not know the context, I simply saw it as a nicely...

Nike #breaking2, M&S #SpendItWell and more: creative ideas of the week


Every day we are exposed to thousands of commercial messages from brands both in traditional and new media. Most of such messaging goes unnoticed with only a handful catching our attention. Here are a few which caught my eye this week: Nike’s Breaking 2, Marks & Spencer’s #SpendItWell and a few more. 1. Nike: Breaking 2 Nike has set the bar high when it comes to marketing and...

Nike Football: The Last Game – epic story telling


Just how do they do it? Nike and Wieden+Kennedy always seem to create magic with their advertising. The latest ad is even better. The ad is story telling at its best. In fact it looks like a miniature version of classic animation films from Hollywood – the ones Pixar excels in. ‘The Last Game’ is a story about risky football versus safe football. The scientist and the clones...

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