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IPL T20: Manoranjan ka baap, cricket ki maa-behen?


This must rank as one of the worst cricket telecasts ever. As if listening to Kris Srikkanth speaking English is not bad enough, we had to listen to him attempting Hindi too, the other day. And less said about the hunger for ad breaks the better. Bloggers are having a field day day talking about it – the best one that I have come across is here. Can’t fault poor SET MAX for the...

Country as a brand: the art of travel advertising


I came across this wonderful piece of ambient work for South Carolina Tourism. All the creatives were placed in airports – so they got their media placements right. From the pillars that were made to look like Golf Tees to the escalator steps that were made to look like suitcases, the campaign is an attention grabber. Can’t say much about the press ad though. But the idea of...

Of insights and missed opportunities


A couple of recent TVC’s that I came across made me think about insights and execution. One is for MAX New York Life Insurance and the other for Maggi Cuppa Mania. The Max NY Life is about this guy plunging into a lake for a swim. NOT a favourite of mine but I thought there was a great insight in there. A lot of us do curb our instincts when we have other responsibilities to think of. Not...

Blast from the past – Carysil


During Trikaya Grey’s heydays their print ads used to be page-licking good. One such set of ads was for Carysil, a brand of kitchen sinks. This one says: ‘Sure, its a sink. And a Ferrari is just a car’. There were two other ads with beautiful shots of the sink. Ad 2 said: ‘Webster’s dictionary defines the sink as a stationary basin attached to a drain. Should we sue...

Hanes: of ‘vest’ed interests and wrong briefs


Advertising news makes it to the front page of Economic Times again (after Goafest), but for wrong reasons. Reports say that a set of ads supposedly released for Hanes in the Free Press Journal during the last week of Decmeber ’07 (this has scam written all over it) has landed the agency in international troubled waters. The ads featured a man dragging offensive images and racist words...

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