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iPod as a corporate gift: rocked by recession


When the economic sentiment is gloomy, marketing efforts to package the iPod as an ideal corporate gift will not be music to one’s ears. This year too, Apple India has attempted to push the iPod as a corporate gift. Aside from print ads, there is even a dedicated website. Curiously, a search for ‘ipod corporate gift India’ on Google does not bring up this site on top but all the...

Video billboards on a bus: a moving experience


AdAge reports that New York City is experimenting with 12-foot wide LED screens on the sides of buses. The ads served on these buses will be networked into a central computer, allowing for customization of messages. The messages can be tweaked to target consumers in different ways: the morning route can have messages from say a coffee brand and the evening route can switch to a beer brand. When...

Dell urges you to take your own path


The ad blogs’ favourite whipping boy Enfatico used to get panned for every reason under the sun, especially for not releasing any major creative work for Dell since their inception (Enfatico’s inception, that is). Now that they have finally released a campaign for India, they continue to get panned. Read more about it in AdAge, Business Standard and Adrants. The ad is a departure from...

Airtel’s Voice SMS: so many celebrities, it hurts


The new TVC for Airtel’s Voice SMS is likely to be a popular one. Judging by the comments over at YouTube, everyone seems to lap it up. While the idea of ‘faking’ an emotion to win over a girl is interesting, I thought the idea could have been pushed further. Did they need celebrities at all? The product feature in itself a powerful one. The presence of celebrities gives it a...

Tata Sky Plus: it all adds up


From a product strategy point of view I liked the move from Tata Sky to launch their premium DTH service: Tata Sky Plus. Essentially it converts your DTH set top box into a personal video recorder, allowing you to pause, record and rewind live TV. It immediately sets them apart from the competitive DTH space in India. The launch TVC featuring Aamir Khan and Gul Panag (inspired casting, I must...

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