Britannia NutriChoice: changing habits needs some prodding

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Maggi introduced a new kind of snack to India. Kelloggs introduced the cold breakfast to us. And now Britannia has vowed to replace unhealthy snacks with NutriChoice. The memorable TV commercial tapped into the insight that when one’s hungry all one can think of is food.  The surround campaign urged people to replace their oily samosa with something healthy. Such arguments usually appeal to the head – you know what you are eating is unhealthy but dammit, it is tasty. The thought of replacing that snack with a biscuit sounds right. And so does waking up at 6am for a jog or walk in the park. Both of them usually get procrastinated or never happen, thanks to inertia.

Britannia’s Nutrichoice Health Starter Kit aims to prod you into action by bundling the NutriChoice range along with a 7-day pre-activated Talwarkars Gym pass, a gym sipper bottle and a health diet chart. All for Rs.100. The ‘package’ works for guys like me – overweight and unhealthy. We have all the right intentions of getting healthy but no will to do so. If nothing else, the sight of the unused Talwalkar’s Gym pass should bring out the guilt pangs in you and prod you into moving your backside.

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When it comes to changing habits, brands need to be prepared for the long haul. As with Maggi & Kelloggs, the efforts need to be sustained consistently over a long period of time. And be prepared to even go out of pocket. I guess Britannia realizes that it takes more than a TVC to change a habit. Will it change yours?

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  1. I just stumbled on this very old post of yours when searching NutriChoice. Not sure if you are still tracking Nutrichoice digital marketing endeavour,but if you visit the latest campaign gallery on, and of course their community and health diary pages, I am sure you will have a great follow up story to write about. Have you seen any other branded content destination with such levels of engagement and depth of quality content? Would love to benchmark. We are very thankful to users who have taken health seriously and been so much of a motivation to others.

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