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Seen and noted: Breast Cancer Foundation


One of the campaigns that caught my eye both for what it said and how it said, is the one from Breast Cancer Foundation, Singapore. Agency: DDB, Singapore. Via: Ads of the World I think it brings alive the importance of regular breast checkups by cleverly juxtaposing it against things women typically obsess about. I thought the insight was bang on and the art direction was superb. But like so...

‘Papa, should I join advertising?’ – Part 2


So what advice do I give my daughter if she considers advertising as a career? I have enough time (about 15 years) to think of a response but if I were to do so based on the industry of today? The positives of joining the industry are quite a few. What about the negatives? Maybe I should just point her towards AdScam who will tell her what’s wrong with the industry in a manner only he can...

Nissan (and Volkswagen) Innovation for all


I liked the insight here: however much you love your gadgets or possessions, parenthood prepares you for sacrifice. And Nissan helps you have your cake and eat it too. The ad is part of the new ‘Innovations for all‘ campaign from TBWA/Chiat Day for Nissan. Closer home, Volkswagen India has been running the ‘Innovations for everyone‘ campaign with pretty much a similar idea...

Volkswagen makes head turn in a print ad


I love print advertising. Especially when they create an impact by using the medium cleverly. Here’s one such from Volkswagen in the UK. Lovely use of the physical space, integrated beautifully with the central message. And seems like a collaborative effort from both the Copy & Art teams.

Who said you need a full page ad to create impact in a daily?

‘Papa, should I join advertising?’ – Part 1


My daughter, all of 4.5 years old seems to have artistic tendencies. She and I squabble over who gets to use the iPad (she wins invariably) and more often than not, she ends up drawing or colouring in the various drawing apps (Color & Draw for Kids, Drawing Pad) I have installed. She has also taken to crayons, water colors and clay models. It got me wondering about the kind of career she will...

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