Of category cliches and being different

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In advertising, almost every category has some ‘holy cows’ – brands in a category follows some category codes. When it comes to advertising high-definition TV or 3D TV it’s common to find the proposition, ‘it brings the characters alive’. And you have several run of the mill executions, with very little to differentiate between brands.

In this context, I was fascinated to see this execution for Panasonic’s Viera 3D TV from Chile:

Viera 3D.jpeg

Agency: Lobo, Santiago, Chile

Closer home, the LG Infinia ad attempted to weave a story and present the idea of ‘life like pictures’ in a different manner. With the Viera ad, just that little twist in the central proposition ‘the characters may alive but don’t belong in living rooms’ makes all the difference. Such ideas may come out as a result of a creative brief, brainstorm or just the creative team stumbling upon an idea. Proof that even in seemingly tough categories where all the possible variations of a theme have been exhausted, it is still possible to be different.

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