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Android experience of an Apple fan


My first experience of Apple was through the Mac OS 9. Compared to whatever Windows version we were using then (’98, ME, 2000 etc.) I found it far more elegant, trust worthy and classy. Yes, one had major compatibility issues when it came to file transfers, network sharing etc. I even bought a copy of DAVE – a software that helped Windows & Mac share files and printers. Now of...

Seen and noted: Tata Steel


‘We also make steel‘ was an iconic campaign during my growing years in advertising. A 2003 article said that the company rode high on the effect of that commercial. And now comes a campaign that positions Tata Steel as a company built on strong values, captured nicely in the base line: ‘Values Stronger Than Steel’. Both the campaigns imbue the ‘company brand’...

Old Spice: Fabio vs. Mustafa – buzz vs. sales?


When I first saw the new set of Old Spice ads featuring Fabio, I was disappointed. As with movies, one always compares sequles to the original. In this case, Isaiah Mustafa was a hands-down winner, in my view. The Fabio ads were funny alright but lacked the certain something in execution – the Isaiah ones were delivered with more style, perhaps. Anyway, what followed is now fast becoming a...

Shaping the new ‘Creative’ person


‘The new Creative Person is T-shaped‘ said Luke Sullivan (author of ‘Hey Whipple, Squeeze This‘ and ex-agency Creative) in an intriguing manner.  The concept he put forth was interesting: T-shaped is just a funny name used to describe a person who has very deep skills in one area (the deep vertical stroke of the T) as well as the ability to collaborate across disciplines...

Weetabix: Fuel for big days, big ideas


‘Have you had your Weetabix?’ was a classic ad slogan. I remember seeing several wonderful ads with that tag line – most of them using humour to great effect. The attempt was to exaggerate the consequences of  not having Weetabix (‘Someone’s ad their Weetabix’ was another version of the base line). A new ad for Weetabix – first one from BBH since winning...

Of Burnt Toast and chasing your dreams


Most people who choose to join advertising and more importantly, stay on (!) do so for a reason: passion for the business. You’ll hear stories of Engineers from the IITs, MBA’s from IIMs actively choosing Advertising as a career option arising out of an innate passion for the advertising business. The founder and Managing Director of Trikaya , the late Mr. Ravi Gupta was a Mining...

Seen and noted: Denver Water


In 2009, I had written about the Denver Water Conservation campaign. The campaign urged Denver residents to water their lawns for 2 minutes less. Ah, the problems of a first-world country, a commenter noted.  In India, sadly, basic amenities are not available to millions. So this may seem odd to us – we are still in the mode of urging people to conserve electricity and save water. We...

Thoughts on Google+


This is not a review or a ‘future gaze’ of Google+ – tech experts and several bloggers have already already done that.  Nevertheless, herewith a few random observations. On the launch day of Google+ my Twitter timeline could be divided into two groups: those who gushed about Google+ and those who were non-plussed. My first reaction on seeing the interface was positive – it...

Some things to not like about the ‘Like’ button


What is common to a blog post, an article in an online daily or magazine, a Facebook post, a Flickr photo and a news item on the web? In fact virtually everything on the web? All of them place the obligatory share buttons – urging you to share the content via email, Twitter, Facebook, Instapaper or Delicious. When you take the effort to bookmark it or share it (on Twitter or elsewhere) with...

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