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This is not a review or a ‘future gaze’ of Google+ – tech experts and several bloggers have already already done that.  Nevertheless, herewith a few random observations.

On the launch day of Google+ my Twitter timeline could be divided into two groups: those who gushed about Google+ and those who were non-plussed. My first reaction on seeing the interface was positive – it was minimal, pleasant. Apparently one of the engineers involved is an ex-Apple employee. But after toying around with the options, I was left wondering what to do with it. I couldn’t get myself to feel the same enthusiasm & glee about it as many of friends did. Surely, the launch seems to have gone a lot better than say Google Wave. It has interesting, thoughtful features like ‘Circles’ which allow you to limit a conversation or share content with only a pre-defined set of people. But is Google+ a game changer – one that is likely to break your current social media habits? I doubt it.

Trials of Google+ will no doubt happen. But who will continue to use it? And make it their primary home base for sharing content, thoughts? The early adopters of tech products will surely dabble in it and continue to use several platforms. But what about the average bloke out there? Not everyone is on Twitter or blogs through Tumblr or Posterous. Among these, the first group could be broken up into dabblers and die-hards. The die-hard fans of Twitter or Tumblr/Posterous will continue to do what they are doing in terms of micro-blogging, sharing content. It’s far too entrenched an habit to break out of. But everyone is on Facebook. And because of its sheer base size, even a small number of skeptics will be a huge number. Maybe that’s the crowd that will try out Google+ and stay with it.

Anyways, the proliferation of social media platforms and blogging options is too tiresome. My Tumblr and Posterous sites are languishing without attention.  I am struggling to motivate myself to keep my blog updated. If any of the new fangled Social Media products has to succeed some habits have to be changed. Some will have to lose. Wonder who will lose for Google+ to succeed.

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