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Bisleri Monster: you’ve come a long way baby


When I first saw the new Bisleri Monster TV ad, my reaction was pretty much similar to what is being said by a majority on Twitter. Over at the YouTube page, the handful of comments are quite positive though. The reaction from the general public remains to be seen and they may pretty well love it. As someone who grew up in advertising in the ’90s, Bisleri is a classic case study brand. Many...

A day in the life of India: story well told


India has been referred to as the land of contradictions, the land of extremes and so on – referring to the diversity in almost every sphere of our lives. A recent film, created for The Times of India won a Gold Spike at the recently concluded Spikes Asia Awards, Singapore.

The film directed by Shujit Saudagar is a simple, yet riveting tale of everyday India. Loved the twist.

Ad Classics: Disney – Magic Happens


A 2001 TV commercial made for Disney is often shared among agency folks as a classic. The ad, part of the Magic Happens theme defies conventional story telling for brands in many ways. For starters, there is no real story with a problem setup and resolution through the brand. It is just about human interaction and how magical transformation happens between them through little gestures. The viewer...

Even more must-have iPad apps for kids


Now that my 6-year old daughter has begun to recognize 3-letter words and is curious to know the spelling of any new word she comes across, I am hoping that she will pick up the habit of reading. Reading printed books, not the e-book kind. That hasn’t stopped me from helping her with some interactive learning books & apps on the iPad. My earlier list of must-have iPad apps for kids had...

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