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Bisleri Monster: you’ve come a long way baby

When I first saw the new Bisleri Monster TV ad, my reaction was pretty much similar to what is being said by a majority on Twitter.

Over at the YouTube page, the handful of comments are quite positive though. The reaction from the general public remains to be seen and they may pretty well love it.

As someone who grew up in advertising in the ’90s, Bisleri is a classic case study brand. Many of the youngsters & B-School students today may not even be aware of the earlier ‘category building’ advertising from the brand. And it wasn’t just advertising that built the brand. It was a combination of distribution, pricing, smart SKUs (remember that lovely ad where a shopkeeper keeps offering larger bottles of Bisleri?)  and so on. The brand virtually created and built the category from nothing. Today the category challenges are different – Bisleri is virtually a generic name, mineral water (branded or quasi-branded) has become a travel necessity and there are several brands playing on the purity platform. The category advertising too has kept pace moving away from functional claims to emotional claims. Bisler’s own advertising in the recent past has taken on a lighter tone. So maybe this is a natural progression. And in these days of ‘advertising as entertainment’ maybe the over-the-top approach was the route to go. But will the audience ‘get it’? Will the ‘stay protected’ idea come through in this story telling? Do comment in.


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