ArchiveNovember 2011 do digital efforts for FMCG need offline support?


The online banner campaign for has been quite visible on ad portals like over the last few days. Pegged as the Hunt for India’s True Snexy, ‘7 snacks are going head to head with each other over a period of 15 days and 5 rounds to garner most love and vote from people so as to come out as India’s most loved snack‘. The campaign, created by Experience Commerce...

Of Apple, Android, Windows and brand evangelism: Part 1


In the book ‘Steve Jobs’ by William Isaacson, there is a reference to Mike Markkula and his 3-point manifesto for Apple.  Markkula is an American entrepreneur who was an angel investor and second CEO of Apple,  providing early critical funding and managerial support. His 3-point manifesto was: Point No. 1: Empathy Apple should strive for an “intimate” connection with...

Ivory: of simplicity and brand image


Earlier this month, I noticed a gem of a campaign for Ivory soap. It’s a re-launch of an iconic brand founded in 1879. The brand’s stated mission is:  providing freedom from nonsense and complexity by giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t. That essence is beautifully captured throughout the campaign – its appeal lies in its simplicity. I guess the contra...

Can Benetton regain cool quotient with controversy?


‘It’s got a Zara store!’. A 20-something friend of mine said excitedly, referring to the newly opened Phoenix Market City in Bangalore. The excitement with which she said, ‘Zara!” was palpable. Obviously the mall was considered cool because it housed a Zara store. Many years ago, Benetton perhaps evoked a similar reaction in India. As a rookie in advertising, I...

McDonald’s – Best Fries on the Planet


Loved the simplicity, focus and mood of this commercial for McDonald’s fries. No, no debates here on junk food or whether these fries offend vegetarian sensibilities. Agency: Leo Burnett Worldwide The only questions I have: (a) did a Brand Manager ask: ‘how would the viewer know that people are jumping into the lake for the fries? I mean, they could be random lake-jumpers, right? (b)...

Nokia Lumia 800 ad: when product is not the hero


Here’s a confession from an iPhone fan: the Nokia Lumia 800 seems impressive. I think it will help Nokia regain some of its lost sheen in the smartphone arena. While some have called it a refined N9, the reviews have mostly been positive. Aside from the unibody design, the tiled Windows Phone screen adds to the sleekness of the phone. The ’tiled’ look is also a visual cue for...

Seen and noted: easyJet serves one up on British Airways


The latest British Airways anthem commercial ‘To Fly. To Serve’ got a lot of mentions on ad blogs and was discussed on social media platforms. easyJet, the budget airline from UK served one up on British Airways recently through a print ad. Agency: VCCP The Awards for National Newspaper Advertising (the ANNAs) in the UK nominated this as the ‘Ad of the Month’ for Sep 2011...

New media and brands: a reality check


This article of mine was published in Brand Wagon – a weekly supplement from The Financial Express. — Nowadays, both ‘new media evangelists’ and ‘new media naysayers’ are getting their share of attention in the marketing & communications landscape. The former champion Digital & Social Media as the future of marketing communications and even go the extent of saying that...

Times of India Chennai: the lemmings edition


In 1985, Apple ran a TVC titled ‘Lemmings‘. It was meant to announce the launch of ‘Macintosh Office’. While writing about the creation of that TVC, Walter Isaacson writes in the Steve Jobs Biography: “Lemmings” showed a dark-suited, blindfolded corporate managers marching off a cliff to their death. From the beginning, both Jobs and Sculley were uneasy. It...

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