Nokia Lumia 800 ad: when product is not the hero

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Here’s a confession from an iPhone fan: the Nokia Lumia 800 seems impressive. I think it will help Nokia regain some of its lost sheen in the smartphone arena. While some have called it a refined N9, the reviews have mostly been positive. Aside from the unibody design, the tiled Windows Phone screen adds to the sleekness of the phone. The ’tiled’ look is also a visual cue for the advertising too – with each tile representing a vignette from everyday life.

The attempt is to convey that everyday tasks can be done differently. The blurb on YouTube says:

Hidden away in the everyday are billions of little adventures. The new Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone makes it easier to find them, take part in them and share them.

Daily routines are transformed. Life gets richer. ‘You’ll never guess what happened to me today’ gets said a lot more. And of course, the everyday doesn’t feel everyday anymore.

I couldn’t help noticing the fundamental difference between an Apple and Nokia when it comes to product advertising. Apple has consistently showcased the product right from the very first iPhone ad to date. The product is the hero and a set of features are dramatized or highlighted. None of the lifestyle stuff for Apple when it comes to promoting the iPhone. Ditto with the iPad. Even with the humor-laced Mac vs PC ads, it was always about the product.

I am not suggesting that Nokia clone Apple when it comes to advertising, but why shy away from highlighting your product, especially when you have a good one? Also, more importantly, the iPhone ads are distinct and ‘ownable’. Can you say the same about the Lumia ad? It may work just as well by sticking any other phone brand in the end. What say?

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