McDonald’s – Best Fries on the Planet

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Loved the simplicity, focus and mood of this commercial for McDonald’s fries. No, no debates here on junk food or whether these fries offend vegetarian sensibilities.

Agency: Leo Burnett Worldwide

The only questions I have: (a) did a Brand Manager ask: ‘how would the viewer know that people are jumping into the lake for the fries? I mean, they could be random lake-jumpers, right? (b) How did the agency tackle such a question?

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  1. Very nice!

    Mis-direction, when executed well, can really pay off, and in this case I'm "all in". I didn't expect it from McDonald's (which I guess is why it worked, and it's also why they deserve full credit!).

    For another very good example of mis-direction, see the link below. Nicely done, and it will be tomorrow's "ad of the day" on my blog.



  2. The main problem with this is that Burger King's fries are a million times better. That's not the fault of the execution though, I suppose.

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