The Hindu stays ahead of The Times of India


Competitive advertising can be fun. The Times of India fired the first salvo against The Hindu in Chennai recently. In my blog post I had noted: ‘the needless skin-show (not just in the city supplement) even in the mainline articles, the celebrity gossip in city supplements and the prominence given to ‘Page 3 culture’ you have ‘sensationalism’ as a residual brand association‘.

The Hindu has identified the same chink in TOI’s armor and have produced enjoyable repartee:

The casting and acting is spot on – I also liked the fact they did not succumb to showing the ‘after’ i.e. showing a smart protagonist. The sting is very much in the tail [tale?] and is well summed up in ‘Stay ahead of the times’.

It reminded me of the 2006 ad war in South Africa. BMW released an ad saying:

Congratulations to Audi for winning the South African Car of the Year 2006. From the winner of the World Car of the year 2006.

Audi responded:

Congratulations to BMW for winning World Car of the year 2006. From the Winner of the Six Consecutive Le Mans Races 2000-2006.

For some strange reason Subaru joined the fight and said:

Well done to Audi and BMW for winning the beauty contest. From the Winner of the 2006 International Engine of the Year 2006.

Watching all this tamasha from the sidelines, Bentley responded in inimitable style:

So did The Hindu just show the finger to TOI? I loved the ad. As an aside, should The Hindu, as a leader in Chennai have responded to the TOI ad at all? Or simply ignored it? I think responding in a manner that paints the TOI as a superficial, empty-headed brand works for The Hindu.

Do comment in your thoughts on the TOI-The Hindu war.


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