Oreo’s topical Super Bowl Twitter ad: win-win Social Media

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The above tweet has got 13000+ retweets and over 4000 ‘favorites’ on Twitter. What’s more several bloggers and influential portals are writing about it. What’s so special? There was a power outage during the final of the Super Bowl causing a blackout. Within the hour, Oreo’s social media agency 360i crafted this tweet. Result: great buzz value and coverage for the brand. What’s even better: it did not cost a penny for the client. In the context of expensive Super Bowl ads (about $3.8 million for a 30-second spot) this is commendable, fleet-footed thinking from 360i. Alongside the brand, such activity makes the agency look cool too. I have seen a few tweets to 360i asking them if they are taking on interns. It is also a great example of what makes a great Social Media partner – alert to popular trends, using a medium to its advantage and posting content that’s rewarding for the reader.

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