Breathtaking films from Sony Bravia, Lacoste and more: top creative ads of the week

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Some of my weekly picks of creative ads include work from the ‘new media’ world incorporating technologies like facial recognition or machine learning. This week’s list includes good old fashioned TV commercials and print ads.

Sony Bravia: Desert Water

In a category where a discernible product differentiation is difficult to achieve, Sony has introduced a TV which has technology that produces sound from the screen itself. Dubbed as Acoustic Surface sound, this presents an opportunity to create an extraordinary audio-visual experience in the ad itself. In any case, Sony Bravia has pitched itself several notches above other brands in the category in terms of pricing and imagery. In this ad they have raised the ‘desirability quotient’ several notches compared to competition.

Agency: Innocean

AT&T – Train

The brief is simple: a range of films from a variety of genres are available on AT&T’s unlimited plans (which gives a choice of premium entertainment). While the feature itself may not be unique, the messaging has to be so. A mashup of movie genres is always but the execution style calls for great production values (and hence big ticket ads perhaps) as Hollywood’s scale and finesse has to be matched. This coming together of a western and animation keeps you riveted.

Agency: BBDO

Lacoste: Crocodile Inside

In a TVC which reminded me of Christopher Nolan’s Inception, Lacoste takes forward its ‘Life is a beautiful sport’ theme. The film’s execution and special effects are breathtaking. The brand says the creative “emphasises the brand’s fundamental values: tenacity, freedom of the mind and of movement, and creativity”. When brand’s chase a higher purpose, the link to the product’s role and how such a messaging helps sell more of the brand has stirred up quite a debate. In some cases, the link to the brand is tenuous while in some other cases it feels a bit more natural. In this case, I feel the visual seduction of the communication will rub off in a positive way on to the brand which operates in a category, fashion, where such ‘desire’ is important.

Agency: BETC, Paris. You can watch the making of the film here.

Chupa Chups: a sweet escape

Several brands have offered to be a part of leisure moments – be it a break from the routine or as a moment of indulgence. Remember KitKat and its consistent ‘Have a break, have a KitKat’ messaging? A new campaign from Chupa Chups has created a visual representation of the same thought but with the product format in mind.

Agency: Cheil, Hong Kong

Mi Technology: stay connected

To help parents track the movement of their kids, Xiaomi has created a smartwatch with GPRS aimed at kids. A seriously well art directed print campaign dramatises the various aspects of this issue: missing children are abducted to rural areas, the urban jungle confuses children, missing children often become victims of child trafficking and so on. Each aspect is treated with an illustration style which brings it alive.

Agency: Publicis, Shanghai

BMW: retirement

Luxury car brands BMW and Mercedes have had several advertising spars. Here is a cheeky but classy jibe from BMW which is topical. Dieter Zetsche retired from his position as the Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz this week. In this ad, BMW portrays his ‘last day’ and the surprise he drives home to.

Agency: Jung von Matt

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