Apple ‘Behind the Music’, @Warburtons and more: 8 top creative ads of the week

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Every week, I attempt to share a short compilation of creative ads which caught my eye recently. The attempt is to acknowledge the hugely difficult task of creating compelling commercial ‘entertainment’ which is not ignored – as most ads are. This week’s list includes TVCs from Apple, Warburtons and Google among others.

Apple: Behind the Music

Apple has always had a strong association with music. The iPod and iTunes changed the way we listen to music and had an impact on the entire music industry. The Macintosh has been a device of choice in music studios. MacBook and software like GarageBand have been used by many to create music. The company has also supported music in many ways through concerts, shows in Apple Events and promotion through Apple Music. Apple has now created a page in its UK site to promote the role of Mac in music creation.

A film to promote the role of Mac has a montage of still visuals of famous musicians using a Mac while creating music. The choice of music is pretty apt and drives home the message that a Mac is closely associated with ‘creativity’.

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Warburtons: GoodBagels

Businesses with family names have an air of authenticity about them. They convey to their target audience that the brand owner has staked his reputation and vouched for its quality by lending his name to the brand. And when the boss is cast in an ad as a spokesperson it adds even more credibility while also placing a lot of responsibility on the brand’s part. Even in other businesses when the CEO is showcased in advertising (remember Lee Iacocca in Chrysler ads?) it is meant to improve credibility & authenticity.

A new ad for Warburtons UK does have its Chairman in the ad but the focus is on Robert de Niro, playing a mobster. The plot still highlights the product quality by portraying de Niro as a gangster who is willing to re-label Warburtons as GoodBagels. The references to New York which is known for its bagels and how Warburtons bagels are good enough to gain popularity over there is also a subtle hint of the product quality. Loved the entertainment.

Google: Make Sense on Mobile

Enterprises, large and small have always believed that a good experience brings customers back. Ask any SME or local business, especially in retail or hospitality. Over the year, ‘customer experience’ has become a discipline driven largely by how consumers interact with brands in a digital environment – with websites being the main port of call. It makes business sense for Google to push a great digital experience, especially on mobile. In a new ad, everyday instances of bad customer experiences are dramatised to drive home the point that a great mobile experience is critical for businesses.

Agency: Phantom

IAG New Zealand: busy days

IAG is an insurance company which wants to promote the simplicity of signing up for an insurance plan. The insight is that people lead busy lives and do not have the time to read the fine print of insurance policies. Apparently, 665 ads were created.

Using dynamic data fields and contextual insights, every one of the 665 ads could be optimised across multiple platforms – including TV, online film, radio, print, OOH and digital display.


Agency: Colenso BBDO

Trash Hero: clean up

The Trash Hero mission is to bring communities together to clean and reduce waste. In order to convey how a relatively easy task (of picking up trash) can have a huge impact on the earth, a clever visual pun which juxtaposes ‘time’, drives home the point.

Agency: Leo Burnett

Ouigo: 20 years

How do you convey a tactical promotion of a price off & other benefits for young customers in an entertaining way? Here’s how.

Ouigo is a low-cost high-speed train service in France. In order to promote its deals for 20-year olds a film highlights the various resourceful acts of that age. Loved it.

Agency: Rosapark

Canal+: Mission Really Impossible

In France, Canal Plus is the only channel to be allowed to broadcast films within 6 months of their theatrical release. In other channels the cooling period is 22 to 30 months. To convey this message, here’s a fun take on Mission Impossible.

Agency: BETC, Paris

IKEA: We love the things you hate

While DIY is central to the IKEA brand promise there are many countries in the world where some of its features are seen as irritants. Assembling the furniture bought on one’s own or carting all the furniture home is not everyone’s cup of tea. At IKEA stores, which tend to be large, parents with small children may also wish for a play area where they can leave their kids safely. A new series of short ads addresses such concerns through an animation style.

Agency: Mother, London

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