Jet Blue: Advertising is not the new advertising


Imagine this: JetBlue, the US-based airline wants to convey the message that airline rules and practices suck. And that the JetBlue experience is different. The ‘rules’ include extra charges for carry-on baggage and the ‘practices’ include hopping flights and cramped seats. What would an advertising agency have done until now? Produce a 30-second commercial knocking the competitors or exaggerating the benefits of JetBlue.

In a new campaign ‘You Above All’, JetBlue’s recently appointed agency, Mullen has produced a series of spots that aren’t exactly advertising spots. Yet they are.  The idea is brilliant: ‘if you don’t take some rules on the ground, why take it in the air?‘ The execution is where it scores: people in real life are expected to put up with silly rules (a cabbie who $25 for luggage in the trunk, a hotel lift man who gets the lift to stop at all the floors, a cabbie who takes up way too much leg room etc.). Here are a couple of videos:

More videos here.

Loved the work. Surprised that the actors, especially the South Asian cabbie and the liftman in the hotel didn’t get bashed up. I guess this is where advertising is moving in the West: an ‘un-advertising’ like message that does not have ‘promotional message’ written all over it.

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