DHL, WeTransfer and more: top creative ads of the week

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In my last week’s compilation, I missed a couple of ads from Swiggy and Wild Stone which I’ve added in this week’s compilation which includes ads from DHL, WeTransfer, Apple and more.

DHL: Bryan Adams – the tour before the tour

The journey of a package from the time it is ordered to the time of delivery might seem like a generic promise for a logistics brand like DHL. But the ads manages to hold one’s interest and even bring a smile as the story is linked to DHL’s 50th anniversary and Bryan Adams’ world tour.

WeTransfer: please leave

Another digital brand urges us to go play outdoors. WeTransfer, known for its file transfer service, recently bought the creative sketching app, Paper. In a new ad, the brand takes a philosophical, questioning route instead of a direct, ‘spend less time on devices’. And it works.

Agency: Stink Studios

Fatal Recognition: The Hong Kong Stroke Association

Here is a great marriage of technology and creative. Facial recognition technology, now commonly available on mobile phones, is used to detect early warning signs of a potentially fatal stroke.

Whenever the phone is unlocked, an algorithm detects facial changes and triggers an alert .

Agency: Cheil, Hong Kong

ING Direct: Tom

In these days of big data, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning it is refreshing to see a brand, that too in a category which is ripe for technology, admit that ‘nothing can replace human intelligence’.

Agency: Rosaparks

iPhone: Inside Joke

Sometimes, after seeing a well-executed ad, I would wonder how the idea was sold to the client, how a story board was made (if at all) and how it was all left to the execution to lift the idea. Here’s one such, with some great casting and acting.

Toyota RAV4: SUV print ads

Just a single line and great art direction to get the idea across. Loved it.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Swiggy: IPL ads

A couple of ads for Swiggy caught my eye while watching the IPL telecast last week but missed including them. Simple, everyday, relatable situations executed with touch of humour.

Wild Stone Deo Talc: Smell Like A Mister

The promise of a ‘masculine’ fragrance has an appeal among the target audience in the deodorant and related categories. Here’s a desi version of Old Spice’s ‘Smell Like A Man’.

Agency: 82.5 Communications

Peter England: CSK

A tactical ad to announce a price point, that too with celebrities must be one of the toughest briefs. And yet, this one does a great job.

Which one was your favourite? Do comment in.

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