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Dirt is good: so is the idea


The Persil UK site says this about the ‘Dirt is good’ idea: Years of scientific study by child health experts shows that experiential learning and playing outdoors is an essential part of a child’s learning and development. We believe it is only when you are free to get dirty that you truly experience life and develop. Dirt is experience, dirt is good. In India, we have seen this idea...

The role of Account Planning in a digital world


When I joined advertising a couple of decades ago, we did not have Account Planners in our agency (Trikaya, which later became Trikaya Grey which later became Grey Worldwide). The team interfacing with the client – senior management, Creative, Media (please note) and to an extent Account Managers were the ‘planning’ team. Since those were the days of bundled services, most of...

A thank you and an apology


It’s been over a month since I updated this blog. Since 2009, my attempt was to publish at least 2 posts per week. Usually I ended up writing more, depending on the ‘inspiration’ and the urge to write.  Blogging is about passion, discipline and hard work. It’s not easy – aside from overcoming internal hurdles, there is external pressure too. Overall its been...

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