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La Légende de Shalimar for Guerlain: codes of luxury marketing


I heard someone say that ‘in India, cars don’t transport people; they transport egos’. It could be true of car marketing everywhere, especially among super premium brands. In luxury marketing too, there could be a truism: ‘luxury brands don’t just sell an experience, they sell a fantasy’. In the luxury business,  a single brand often spans across many...

Real estate corporate ads with a difference: Rustomjee – celebrating the Parsis


Real estate ads. Groan. You can spot them from a mile. Of late most of them follow a format – highlight the location & features, wean away the riff-raff by talking about the price (Rs. 3 crores only) and promise every amenity under the sun. The corporate ads from such real estate brands too highlight their success stories & projects. In that context, it was refreshing to see these...

Nike’s new ‘#JustDoIt’: re-interpreted for the digital age


It’s been 25 years since the slogan ‘Just Do It’ debuted for Nike. 25 years is a long time in advertising where campaign ideas and ads change almost every year. The tag line is popular, considered cool, part of everyday parlance and resonates even with the younger audience, who may have not been exposed to a lot of the earlier work. Nike just released a new theme ad and not...

The Bank of Mum and Dad: serious problem tackled with British humour


The problem: with soaring house prices, more and more young people in UK have been turning to their parents to help them get their first home. Even if young people work hard and save up, most will still find themselves priced out of a home of their own. Essentially, the prospect of owning a home slips away for a whole generation. So, Shelter the housing & homeless charity wanted to raise...

Vodafone ‘#MadeFor you’: charming ads, never mind the service gap


Blazing speeds. Widest coverage. Crystal-clear call quality. Great service. We are used to such tall (conveniently non-quantifiable) claims in advertising for the telecom sector brands. However, consumer’s actual experience toward any brand in the sector is likely to be disappointing. At best, people would consider all brands to be equally bad in terms of network coverage and customer...

HTC Here’s to Change: Have To Compliment #HTChange


After a set of three teasers, HTC released the launch video of their new theme campaign, ‘Here’s To Change’.  The news of Robert Downey Jr. being their new spokesperson already created buzz for the brand and set up expectations. The teasers provided a glimpse of what to expect with ‘Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran’ and ‘Hipster Troll Carwash’. Agency: 171...

Marmite animal welfare ad: how to tackle occasionally used products


We all have such products in our house – those which are used rarely. Usually such products come into use only for a specific occasion (e.g antiseptic creams, adhesive bandages) or are bought but rarely used because of sheer inertia (e.g. honey in most households).  Brands like Burnol, BandAid and Dettol come to mind in reference to the first category. Nestle Milkmaid, Dabur Honey (and...

Buying these Police sunglasses will make you feel like a cop, not make you one


In Canada, buying  a pair of Police sunglasses will help the Vancouver Police Foundation. Apparently, all the proceeds from the sale of Police glasses are used to fund Vancouver Police crime-prevention projects and early-intervention community outreach programs. In a fun take on this proposition, DDB has created a campaign with a proposition, ‘wearing the glasses supports the cops, not make...

Devondale Dairy Soft butter: brilliant take on hard butter


Can hard butter destroy relationships? That’s the kind of laddering that can be risky – if you stretch it far too much you run the risk of being ridiculed. The exaggeration has to be just right for it to drive home the point. Using hard butter on toast can be an irritant and a new Australian ad for Devondale Dairy Soft promises to offer a solution. It is spreadable straight from the...

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