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Loved this new ad for The Sunday Times promoting a new supplement on Culture: ‘for the next four weeks explore the four corners of culture. Join our critics and writers as they unearth the hidden gems from big and small screen, uncover the finest of all the artists, and discover who influenced how and how across the arts‘ says the PR blurb. The ad brilliantly conveys the idea without saying a word.

Agency: Grey, London

It is said that the best of advertising leaves something unsaid- for the viewer to fill in the blanks in the mind. This ad does it beautifully – as the visuals unfolded I was automatically associating them with familiar images from popular culture – be it Forrest Gump, Mad Men, Reservoir Dogs or Daft Punk. Awesome planning and direction too – the entire film was shot without any digital post production. Read more about it here. Brilliant stuff.


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