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This Is a Generic Brand Video: a master class from @dissolve


If you were anywhere near the internet recently you could not have missed the ‘This is a Generic Brand Video’. It has been written about in leading trade publications and got truck loads of social shares. When silly cat videos and poorly sung songs go viral we initially wonder why and then it dawns on us: there is an inherent entertainment value in such videos without an overt...

Intrusion and clutter as advertising strategy: the design chaos in Indian media


Remember those cricket live telecasts on Doordarshan where an ad would be inserted barely after the last ball of an over is bowled? It was as if a sarkari official was itching to press the play button of an ad on every possible ‘break’ – real or imagined. And it only drove us viewers up the wall, forgetting to pay attention to the ad (which was quite often stopped mid way to get...

Microsoft Office for iPad: the right step, a bit late?


There was a time in my life where virtually everything to do with office productivity was connected to a Microsoft product: the OS on the PC, Outlook mail, Powerpoint for presentations and Word for documents. I was never a spreadsheet guy so my exposure to Excel was minimal. Even when I switched to a Mac, I relied heavily on PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel. And then something changed all that:...

14 beautiful iOS apps designed in India


When you fire up the Paytm app for the first time, you are greeted with a message: ‘Handcrafted in India’. What if one were to list such ‘handcrafted in India’ apps? The response I got on Twitter included some common apps – Cleartrip, Zomato, Paytm to name a few. Most were commenting on the looks while some talked about the UX too. I have a 16BG iPhone and so I am...

Of Apple and social media aversion


“Is Apple anti-social?” asked Matt Foulger in a recent blog post. The article refers to the culture of secretiveness, bare minimal official presence in social media platforms (through iTunes, which used to promote featured artists and iTunes-sponsored events) and the failed experiment with Ping. The article also mentions that Apple can afford to be anti-social thanks to a loyal...

Scottish Police Federation #itswhatwedo: raising the profile


A recent episode of Satyamev Jayate focused on police reforms in India and creating what they called ‘people’s police’. Among other issues, the episode touched upon bringing dignity to the police personnel’s job and making them feel respected. It’s a pity that we associate words like corrupt, petty, inept when we think of our policemen. However, when you compare to...

Apple launch in 2014: under a larger microscope


The iPhone launch in 2007 was unprecedented in many ways. There was hype and media attention during the launch alright, but what followed was even more interesting. A six-month window of pre-launch publicity, virtually unchallenged by any competitive activity. According to Harvard Business School professor David Yoffie, Apple generated $400 million in free iPhone advertising between its...

Seen and noted: French Ministry of Health Childhood Obesity Awareness


Sometimes, you just know that you’ve spotted an absolute winner at just a glance. Here’s one such ad for the French Ministry of Health Childhood highlighting awareness on obesity. The simple message: Obesity starts from childhood. Art Director:David Lesage Copywriter:David Lesage Via. Brilliant stuff from all angles – insight, creative leap, simplicity and an idea that...

Vorwerk vacuum cleaner: visual pun at work from @kollerebbe


First rule of advertising? Noticeability. If your ad isn’t clutter breaking, making people to sit up and take notice, it is quite pointless. Second rule: convey a single relevant benefit in an interesting manner. A new campaign for Vorwerk Kobold vacuum cleaner does both with aplomb. The single-minded proposition: Get your sofa back. With the crumb-sucker. Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg...

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