Fromm Family Foods: illustrating an idea

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Loved these set of ads for Fromm Family Foods– ‘a fifth generation family owned & operated company specializing in finely crafted pet food & treats’. The illustration style compliments the idea of ‘pet food created with care’. To me it conveyed a sense of care, affection and that ‘lovingly created’ feeling we have for our special ones – the pets.

fromm-family-foods-wait-polynesian-cats-imitations-entree-print-357287-adeevee fromm-family-foods-wait-polynesian-cats-imitations-entree-print-357289-adeevee


The campaign is created by : Eichenbaum & Associates, Milwaukee. According to their site, their involvement with Fromm Family is beyond just designing the ads: We named the product, designed the package, and spearheaded the marketing. It has enjoyed unparalleled success in the super-premium pet food market. They have been consistent with the imagery & personality for this brand:


Good to see work from US-based agencies that we usually don’t hear about in the trade press.

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