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Seen and noted: beautiful ads for @bookculture from @YRNY


Some ads set you thinking long after you have glanced and digested the message. A new for campaign for a New York book shop, Book Culture is doing the rounds of ad blogs. The ad gets your attention with intriguing visuals alright but what holds your attention and sets you thinking is the central idea: Imagination got there first. The ads show case books, whose themes were precursors to major...

Coca-Cola brand activations: power of happiness proposition


Of late, there’s been a surfeit of videos for Coca-Cola which can be broadly clubbed under ‘activation’ or Promo. Most of them involve an on-ground event where consumers engage with the Coca-Cola brand directly or indirectly. Some of these activations have gone on to win awards, while many have become viral successes. All of them have the ingredients of great activation...

McDonalds Gol! FIFA World Cup – (mobile) marketing done right


A new video created by McDonalds for the FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 has already raked up close to 100k views on YouTube. The video is a compilation of trick shots and even for a non-football fan like me it makes for compelling viewing with repeat value. But it is not just another YouTube video going viral. At the heart of the campaign is a mobile app which is hardwired to brand purchase. The...

Social media is not a substitute for on-ground market sentiment


Years ago, when I was working on a MNC account, the MD of the Indian operations (a Canadian) asked why his ads (for an FMCG brand) were not shown on sports channels during telecast of golf tournaments. When I told him that the numbers didn’t warrant it, he said, ‘but all my friends watch golf’. That’s the trouble with hanging out with only a particular kind of like-minded...

Salute to craftsmanship in advertising: @dandad 2014


Design and Art Direction (D&AD, formerly known as British Design & Art Direction) is a British educational charity which exists to promote excellence in design and advertising. D&AD ‘exists to stimulate, enable and award creative excellence in design and advertising’. It is a highly respected award and recognises great design beyond advertising – some of the categories include Product...

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