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Adblockers: sinful or not?


Of late, there’s been a debate about the use of Adblockers, with some calling it immoral (see a rebuttal here). Needless to say, Adblockers are popular: 300m people in the world have downloaded an ad blocking extension and about half have actually installed it. The crux of the argument against their use is that Adblockers deprive the ‘content creators’ an earning and that it...

Thoughts and observations on #ZeeMelt15


At the #Zeemelt15, there were a lot of sessions and workshops which I wished I could attend. It was a case of being spoilt for choice as many interesting sessions clashed in terms of timing. Of course the event had its share of presenters who drone on and on or do a sell job of their company. Nevertheless, I hope Melt becomes a permanent fixture in the advertising world and travels to other...

Twitter for customer service: look before you leap


Quick. What is the best way to get a brand’s attention? Tweet something nasty about their product or service. This is what many of us believe for a variety of reasons: (a) it is true that when brands are publicly embarrassed, especially by ‘influencers’ they are shamed and feel the need to get into damage control mode (b) cribbing is natural Twitter behaviour; the platform seems...

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