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BMW, JetBlue and more: 7 top creative ads of the week


1. BMW-M: Where Too Much Is Just Right Every major advertising category has its own ‘code’ – be it foods, luxury, consumer goods or automobiles. In automobile advertising, the most common format as it were is the montage of the vehicle driving through various terrains, interspersed with close ups of interiors, exterior features and such. In that context, here are a set of...

Kwiff, ‘Fârnhäan ‘ – the AI voice assistant and more: creative ads of the week


1. Kwiff: It’s perfectly normal. Until it’s kwiffed Sports betting is big business in the UK. An app called Kwiff, which promises to ‘supercharge sports betting’ has released a set of quirky ads which dramatise how it feels to be ‘kwiffed’ (over at the website, there is an explainer on that): Let’s say you place a bet at odds of 3-1. But when you place that...

Independence Day topical ads: FOMO at play again


In 2015, men’s grooming brand ‘Below The Belt’ created a print ad which appeared in The Daily Telegraph’s sports section covering the Wimbledon event. The ad was a humorous reference to Djokovic playing on one of the hottest days of the year. Here was a topical ad done right: it used the news of the day with a clever link to the brand and placed it in the right context...

Nike Mo Farah spot, Secret Vacations and more: creative ads of the week


1. Nike: Mo Farah – Smile Sir Mo Farah is a British athlete, completing his last run this month. On the eve of this retirement, Nike has created an ode to the man. The format – adrenaline pumping, fast faced montage of visuals cut to either a track or voice over is not new. But the combination of poetry as voice over and connecting his famous smile to the idea (‘that behind...

Go-Gurt, Great British Bake Off and more: creative ads of the week


1. Amazon India: #DeliverTheLove Topical advertising is an age old tactic to ride on current events which is in the public eye. Good tactical ads are those which link the advertising to the brand proposition cleverly (some good examples here and here). But the urge to ride the topical bandwagon is driven more by FOMO than anything else, especially in this age of web films (read long format films...

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