Go-Gurt, Great British Bake Off and more: creative ads of the week

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There are hundreds of commercial messages vying for our attention everyday across traditional and new media. Only a handful are noticed. Here are a few creative ideas which caught my eye, the week ending 5th August, 2017: Amazon India’s #DeliverTheLove, Go-Gurt’s fun TV spots and more.

1. Amazon India: #DeliverTheLove

Topical advertising is an age old tactic to ride on current events which is in the public eye. Good tactical ads are those which link the advertising to the brand proposition cleverly (some good examples here and here). But the urge to ride the topical bandwagon is driven more by FOMO than anything else, especially in this age of web films (read long format films where creatives don’t have to worry about prohibitive media cost of ads longer than 30 seconds). The festival calendar in India is a godsend for advertisers in this context as there opportunities virtually every month across regions. Raksha Bandhan is one such opportunity to create topical ads. Most are forgettable with a force-fit to the product or a weak attempt at getting all emotional. Here’s one from Amazon India which worked for me because there wasn’t a hard-sell of the catalogue but yet drove home the point about varied choice.

Agency: Ogilvy

2. Great British Bake off: trailer

Channel 4’s internal creative team has consistently produced gems (like the ones for Paralympics). Here’s a trailer for The Great British Bake Off – a British television baking competition. The ad has been animated using baked products like bread, cakes and more. The ad makes for riveting viewing and brings a smile.

Agency: 4Creative

3. Go-Gurt: grumpy old 4th graders

‘Kids nowadays! They have it easy!’ is an admonition often made by the older lot. These set of ads are based on that behaviour and made funny with a couple of 4th graders whining about… 3rd graders! The trigger? Go-Gurt’s new easy packaging. Smart thinking and execution.

Agency: Erich & Kallman. See all the ads here.

Slim pickings this week – anything I missed out?

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