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Range Rover, #HeyGoogle and more: 6 top creative ads of the week


A tweet about creativity aptly sums up the aspects on display with many of the creative work showcased here. Of the lot, the ultimate truth is the one listed last. What say? Image via: Adteachings Herewith my weekly picks of compelling creative ads: Jaguar Range Rover: Warning Signs A few years ago, activations and stunts were a novelty. In 2012, this stunt performed in Belgium for a TV channel...

Twitter for CEOs: a personal branding opportunity (but slippery when wet)


Over the last few years many CEOs of business enterprises have used social media (especially Twitter) as a platform for what has come to be known as ‘personal branding’. Sure, a few of them were ‘brands’ (in a positive way) long before social media came into the picture. Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn have offered them a stage to share their ideas, company updates, work and values. Their...

Hennessy X.O, Bournvita and more: 6 top creative ads of the week


Everyday I check a few portals which publish latest advertising work from across the globe. Needless to say, only a handful are noticed, remembered and appreciated. When the count of such ads is really low by the weekend I diligently look for interesting new work. This was one such week where one had to search for good work to share. Here are a few of my picks: 1.Hennessy X.O: The Seven Worlds...

McDelivery, Oreo and more: fun creative ads of the week


Every day we come across hundreds of ads. A majority of them go un-noticed. Only a handful get our attention and an even smaller number, our involvement. Here are a few fun creative ads I liked over the last week or so. McDelivery: rainy days Convenience has been the platform for gig economy brands, especially those in food delivery. In India, Swiggy has created several engaging ads of late...

Amazon, Audi, Skittles and more: 7 top creative ads of the week


The Super Bowl season is upon us and ad portals are showcasing many of the campaigns meant for airing during the event. A few of those and other campaigns caught my eye this week. The Super Bowl: an advertising event The Super Bowl is a unique marketing event in sports. It is one of the most expensive advertising property on television with a 30-second commercial set to sell for about $5.2...

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