McDelivery, Oreo and more: fun creative ads of the week

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Every day we come across hundreds of ads. A majority of them go un-noticed. Only a handful get our attention and an even smaller number, our involvement. Here are a few fun creative ads I liked over the last week or so.

McDelivery: rainy days

Convenience has been the platform for gig economy brands, especially those in food delivery. In India, Swiggy has created several engaging ads of late presenting fresh perspectives on reasons to order in. In France, McDelivery conveys a simple, subtle idea to not step out and order food in.

Agency: TBWA Paris

Oreo: Stay Playful

Anthem communication for a brand is usually about a rallying cry or a belief that motivates the brand. ‘Playfulness’ has been an aspect of Oreo communication for years. This year, during Grammys they will reveal an ad featuring musician Wiz Khalifa and his son. Khalifa’s original song about the importance of staying playful is the jingle. More than the ad itself, I loved the platform and the possibilities.

IKEA: Morningmorphosis

The product has always been at the centre of IKEA’s communication. The ads dramatise the role of the brand in our everyday lives. In this campaign, the effect of a good night’s sleep (thanks to the bed) is dramatised as even turning the mood of those who are not ‘morning people’.

Agency: Ogilvy

Taco Bell: delivery

How do make a big deal out of home delivery as a service? Pitch it as a dream come true and juxtapose it with big ambitious plans of others.

Agency: Deutsch

Dreamies: shake

Cat lovers, like Apple fanboys of yore, are almost a cult online. On Instagram and Facebook they like and share their love for cats. A new campaign from Dreamies, a cat-food brand from Mars in the UK is likely to strike a chord among this group. The promise: instantly win over any feline, even if it’s not your pet.

Agency: adam&eveDDB

Snickers: smooth it over

I have been a big fan of the ‘you are not you when you are hungry’ platform of Snickers as it is based on a universal insight. Credit goes to the brand & agency teams for being consistent with this central idea yet not allowing it to be jaded. They have refreshed the idea across topical ads, platforms and more. In a new campaign, they have highlighted a product feature – smoothness thanks to almond butter centre, and linked it to the brand proposition.

Agency: BBDO, New York

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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