Range Rover, #HeyGoogle and more: 6 top creative ads of the week

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A tweet about creativity aptly sums up the aspects on display with many of the creative work showcased here. Of the lot, the ultimate truth is the one listed last. What say?

Image via: Adteachings

Herewith my weekly picks of compelling creative ads:

Jaguar Range Rover: Warning Signs

A few years ago, activations and stunts were a novelty. In 2012, this stunt performed in Belgium for a TV channel was riveting and went viral. Many other attempts followed for a wide variety of brands. As with everything in advertising, only a few break the clutter. The hallmark of those which appeal to viewers is that such stunts have a surprise element which does not appear staged. Many activations seem to involve actors who ‘act’ surprised or enraged and the effort shows – the film doesn’t feel real. If the stunt is staged in a public place, the spontaneous reactions to it from passers by (even if they are actors!) is usually the clincher. Good activations blur the lines between advertising and PR and when done well are closely linked to the brand proposition.

In that context, Range Rover Evoque staged an urban capability test in London. The use of familiar road signs – the warning triangles in front of the obstacles created drive home the off-road capability of the vehicle.

Agency: Spark44

Google Home: let’s go to the movies

Big ticket television events in the US – be it the Super Bowl or Oscars provide an opportunity for brands to create tactical, bespoke ads tailored to those events. When it comes to Oscars, the one commercial I remember is this teaser for the iPhone back in 2007, before it was launched. This year’s Oscars will have an ad for Google Home featuring scenes from Hollywood tweaked to have the product in place.

Apple Watch: freedom from cellular

The Apple Watch Series 4 offers a version with cellular connectivity – thus negating the need to carry a phone to receive & make calls. The ad depicts the feeling of freedom and highlighting features such as turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to receive calls.

Old Spice: a breath of fresh hair

After the launch ‘Smell like a man’ campaign in 2010, starring Isaiah Mustafa, Old Spice has attempted many quirky bordering on bizarre or self-deprecating humourous commercials. Some had a feeling of tiresome routine. With a new commercial for its Dry Shampoo I think they have the magic spot again. 

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

The campaign also gives a chance to consumers to get their own headshot in a car hood ornament, via their Instagram page (which has seen several interesting campaigns too).

Visa: money is changing

Some ads make you think. This ad for Visa did that for me as far as putting a value to one’s time and worth. I liked the visual mnemonic of a counter which either subtracts or adds up to cue what that moment was worth. 

Agency: Decoded

Honda Passport: Outdoor

The launch TV commercial for Honda Passport in the US was a regular SUV commercial with a montage of nice outdoor visuals but the outdoor – no pun intended campaign itself  was visually striking and captured the flavour of the variant very well.

Which one was your favourite? Do comment in.

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