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Breathtaking films from Sony Bravia, Lacoste and more: top creative ads of the week


Some of my weekly picks of creative ads include work from the ‘new media’ world incorporating technologies like facial recognition or machine learning. This week’s list includes good old fashioned TV commercials and print ads. Sony Bravia: Desert Water In a category where a discernible product differentiation is difficult to achieve, Sony has introduced a TV which has technology...

Apple ‘Behind the Music’, @Warburtons and more: 8 top creative ads of the week


Every week, I attempt to share a short compilation of creative ads which caught my eye recently. The attempt is to acknowledge the hugely difficult task of creating compelling commercial ‘entertainment’ which is not ignored – as most ads are. This week’s list includes TVCs from Apple, Warburtons and Google among others. Apple: Behind the Music Apple has always had a strong...

DHL, WeTransfer and more: top creative ads of the week


In my last week’s compilation, I missed a couple of ads from Swiggy and Wild Stone which I’ve added in this week’s compilation which includes ads from DHL, WeTransfer, Apple and more. DHL: Bryan Adams – the tour before the tour The journey of a package from the time it is ordered to the time of delivery might seem like a generic promise for a logistics brand like DHL. But...

In-house #advertising creative teams: getting the best of both worlds


Recently, an article highlighted how several new-age brands in India have put together internal creative units citing quick turnaround time, more control over content & easy access to all company verticals as key benefits.  Over the years, advertisers have sought more attention – in terms of time & resources from their ad agency partners especially if the spends through...

10 top creative ads of the week: @Teleflora, @GilletteIndia and more


The first and perhaps the most important objective of an ad is to get noticed. If an ad goes un-noticed, everything else is pointless. In that context, it is staggering that a vast majority of the ads are mediocre, are ignored and hence wasteful expenditure. A handful of ads manage to break the clutter and a fewer number manage to remain memorable. Here are a few creative ads and ideas which...

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