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The pros and cons of ‘moment marketing’ for brands


Another new term has entered the new age marketing & advertising vocabulary: moment marketing. It is essentially topical advertising but since turnaround times are not measured in days but in minutes it is called so, I guess. It is also a country cousin of occasion-led advertising where brands attempt to gain leverage from big news events or calendar events such as Mother’s Day, April...

Nissan Rogue, Amul, Liberty Mutual and more: 5 creative ads of the week


Every week, I attempt to compile a list of ads which caught my eye in the recent past. Here’s a collection of interesting creative ads for week ending June 26, 2019. Nissan Rogue: Distraction Whether it is an exaggerated depiction of today’s reality or a glimpse into the future – the distracted world where everyone is peering into their phones seems very real. In this world...

Idea, craft and charm: creative print ads from the past


Most of us display the ‘those were the days’ attitude when we witness trends which are different from what we once used to like. New age music, movies and popular culture is always compared to ‘what once was’. Advertising too is no different. One might argue that everything changes with the times and reflects the current social context. Advertising is no different and is...

Volkswagen, @Maersk, @DisneyIndia and more: 12 compelling creative ads of the week


Every day hundreds of commercial messages are targeted at each one of us. However, only a handful are noticed and an even small number is remembered. Here are a few compelling creative ads which caught my eye during the past week. Volkswagen: a new mission The 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing saw several brands trying to forge an association. Many of them were force fits and seem to be done...

5 top creative ads of the week: Sentosa, Penguin Classics and more


Commercial messages are all around us – on television, newspapers, billboards, apps and on the web. However, a majority of them go unnoticed. Only a handful are noticed and an even smaller number remembered. Here are a few creative ads which caught my during the past week. Sentosa: Make Time For A Change We live in a world where in many industries, employees are on work mode, virtually...

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