5 top creative ads of the week: Sentosa, Penguin Classics and more

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Commercial messages are all around us – on television, newspapers, billboards, apps and on the web. However, a majority of them go unnoticed. Only a handful are noticed and an even smaller number remembered. Here are a few creative ads which caught my during the past week.

Sentosa: Make Time For A Change

We live in a world where in many industries, employees are on work mode, virtually 24×7. In media, advertising and few other professions, it is not common to never truly switch off from work. Thanks to mobile phones and notifications we spring to attend to work related emails and messages (however routine or mundane they may be) through the day. Employees are even made to feel guilty if they leave work on time or take a break.

In a new ad for Singapore’s Sentosa island resort this behaviour is brought alive with a memorable visual metaphor of ‘being stuck to one’s desk’.

Agency: BBH, Singapore

NZ Transport Agency: let driving distract you

Adverts aimed at changing behaviour when it comes to texting & driving or social media distraction while driving have taken several routes (no pun intended) including fear. In an interesting new twist, New Zealand Transport has flipped the argument from ‘don’t let your mobile phone distract you’ to ‘let driving distract you’ – positioning the car as ‘a safe haven from the never-ending stream of dings, likes, tags, texts and emails’. Loved it.

Agency: Clemenger BBDO

Penguin Classics: #HappyReading

In the UK, Penguin is ‘celebrating the individual books that readers have fallen in love with‘. The campaign showcases dog eared and worn out books owned by readers in a series of posters.

From the bookshelf of Abi Daly:
The Diary of a Young Girl by Anna Frank
“I got this copy when I was 8 or 9. It’s now falling to pieces but I treasure it and the message of hope that Anne has to pass on to us.”


The posters have caught the eye of many book lovers and have been shared on social media too.

Samsung Galaxy A: Sponsored Post

Most ads for mobile handsets (except the ones for iPhone) used to feature a laundry list of features – tech specs, mainly. Over the years it has changed but for many buyers these help rationalise their purchase decision. In a fun spot for Samsung Galaxy A, such rattling of its features is turned into a self-deprecating sing song video and it works.

Agency: Leo Burnett. H/T: Ad Teachings

Kamasutra: perfect fit

I am not sure if these were commissioned ads which rain in mainline print, but they do have an idea and are pretty well art directed, albeit too subtle.

Agency: FCB Interface, Mumbai

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