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6 top creative ads of the week: Ruavieja, Samsung, Dublin Bus from @Rothco and more


Every week, I attempt to compile a list of clutter-breaking creative ads with some commentary of my own. You can look at some of the older posts here. This week’s compilation includes an offbeat Christmas film, an inspiring campaign for a service brand from Ireland, among others. Ruavieja: Escape Maybe it was my ad agency background, but I could guess the metaphor when the protagonist...

John Lewis, NuBank, #NurtureYourCuriosity and more: 10 top creative ads of the week


Every week I attempt to share a compilation of creative ads which caught my eye. Getting noticed is the first requirement of an ad – as otherwise, every other discussion in terms of creativity or efficacy is academic. Among the many hundreds of commercial messages we see everyday only a handful are memorable. Here are a few which I liked from the week ending November 15, 2019. John Lewis:...

Tanqueray, WSJ, IKEA and more: top creative ads of the week


Everyday, we come across hundreds of commercial messages – print ads, TV commercials, radio spots, billboards, web banner ads, social media posts and more. Only a handful are even noticed – with a vast majority not paid attention to at all. Even among the few noticed, only a smaller number are remembered. Here are a few which caught my eye this week: Tanqueray: Unmistakably Tanqueray...

AirPods Pro, Argos and more: 5 top creative ads of the week


Every week, I attempt to put together a compilation of creative ads which break through the clutter. I have not had rich pickings this week and among the handful of ads I noticed, here are a few: AirPods Pro: outdoor done right Outdoor is a fleeting medium. In the few moments we have to catch a glimpse as we go past a billboard it makes sense to keep the messaging brief and have visual impact...

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