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Debate around fairness creams: room for grey areas


Recently, on the back of the Black Lives Matter campaign, Unilever India came under the microscope regarding its skin lightening cream Fair & Lovely. Online petitions urged the company to take corrective action to stop promoting fairness as an ideal state of beauty. The company decided to drop the word ‘Fair’ in the brand to change it to ‘Glow & Lovely’. They have...

When ‘black lives matter’ is seen as a branding opportunity


Over the last few days, many enterprises and brands have put out branded communication in support of what has come to the known as the ‘Black lives matter’ campaign – with the recent riots in the US being the context. Essentially, such ads or corporate messages call for an end to racism. ‘Being silent is not an option’ and variants thereof are the most common...

Brand purpose, copywriting, Kumbh Mela and more: notes and observations from #ZeeMelt: Part 2


I recently attended Zee Melt, a marketing & advertising conference. I shared my notes and observations through a blog post earlier this week, covering presentations from Mr. R S Sodhi of Amul and Dave Trott.  In this post, I share my notes on presentations from a few others. Rory Sutherland: what are we missing? I have been a fan of Rory Sutherland for a while now, following his TED...

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