Brand purpose, copywriting, Kumbh Mela and more: notes and observations from #ZeeMelt: Part 2


I recently attended Zee Melt, a marketing & advertising conference. I shared my notes and observations through a blog post earlier this week, covering presentations from Mr. R S Sodhi of Amul and Dave Trott.  In this post, I share my notes on presentations from a few others. Rory Sutherland: what are we missing? I have been a fan of Rory Sutherland for a while now, following his TED...

Notes and observations from #ZeeMelt: Part 1


I am in a dilemma sometimes about where to post by blogs – on this platform (where the reach is limited) or on LinkedIn where the reach is potentially larger. I shared this article earlier this week on LinkedIn. Zee Melt – a two-day conference on marketing & advertising was held in Mumbai last week. I am not a regular conference goer but from what I see and hear on social...

Can good marketing fool people all the time?


There is a lot more to marketing than just advertising – understanding consumer needs, crafting a product or service which fulfils such needs, market segmentation, positioning, pricing, distribution and promotion, to name a few. However the most visible manifestation of all this is advertising. So many attribute success or failure of a product to just advertising. Everyone would agree that...

Marketer, regulate thyself


‘If it is legal to manufacture a product, it should be allowed to promote itself legally’ is a fair business practice. Yet, within such an outlook there are reasonable restrictions. Tobacco marketing, for example, has such restrictions in many countries; in India, sale of tobacco products is not permitted near a school. Such measures are taken to reduce chances of children being influenced by...

Can ‘marketing and advertising’ shed its poor image?


It is no secret that marketing & advertising is not held in high esteem when it comes to professions. A doctor or engineer is considered to be doing a more meaningful, cerebral job than an advertising or marketing professional. In my view, there is some truth in it. What it takes to become a doctor or engineer is a rigorous test of the intellect in terms of entrance exams and the degree...

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