iPhone India launch?

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Business Standard reports that Apple is likely to launch the iPhone in India by September this year. The report quotes a lot of ‘sources’ and seems speculative in nature. According to the report, Vodafone is likely to partner Apple in terms of mobile services. Will it be ‘exclusive’ like with AT&T in the US or not (like in Europe?) is unclear.

Anyway, count me in.

Apple as a topic opens the floodgates in me. The familiarity with Windows and lack of any real knowledge what Apple is all about, is the reason for consumers not flocking to Apple products here. Of late though, there has been a lot visibility for the Macbook (what I use) and Macbook Air in the metros. The iPod seems to have been the first experience of traditional Windows users to Apple and that made them curious to know more about the Apple experience.

And here is an article from BusinessWeek that confirms what Apple fans like me have always believed.

Apple as a topic opens the floodgates in me. As an aside, while there has been a lot of curiosity in India about the iPhone, I am not too sure if it will be a rage like in the US. The gadget-savvy will adopt first irrespective of the price. But at around Rs. 26,000 (?) those who can afford it will be the well heeled corporate executives and the high end businessmen. The former is virtually married to Windows and Microsoft. They like their familiar Windows desktop, the ‘Start’ button, the task bar and Outlook. The Windows Mobile environment is likely to give them the comfort factor. In any case, in anticipation of the iPhone launch, brands like HTC have upped their visibility in India and claim to offer similar ‘touch’ features. Both for this segment and the high end businessmen, the halo around Apple is not as bright as it is in the US. In fact, Microsoft is that brand in India. Judging by the comments on the blogosphere there are enough iPhone-haters/Apple haters in India already.

I don’t know the kind of targets Apple has for volumes in India. Given that it is a high end product, the volumes are likely to be modest. While the launch will be awaited by the likes of me, will it be a phenomenal success? You tell.

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