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Firefox 3: when you are No.2, you try harder


Mozilla’s Firefox was perhaps the first browser that gave the ubiquitous Internet Explorer serious competition. As of April 2008, it had an 18% share of the browser market. The Firefox browser in its current avatar, is just 4 years old but has not only gathered respectable market share but forced IE to be a ‘follower’ in many ways. Call it complacency or whatever, but Internet...

Apple predictions: of solar powered devices and day dreaming


One of the pet pastimes of the tech world, bloggers and Wall Street seems to be predicting Apple’s next move. Speculation is rife about the impending 3G launch of the iPhone, expected to be announced in June at a Developer Conference. Now, Engadget reports that Apple has filed patents for ‘solar cells on portable devices’ – a possible plan to integrate solar cells into...

Axe: ‘focus’ is key


The Axe juggernaut rolls on. We’ve all seen the by-now-familiar Axe formula: girls can’t get their hands off you, thanks to Axe. They come through jungles, nibble at men or in markets where its called Lynx, they are even into air travel. They even put up with the typical male fantasies. Here comes a nice new twist with Axe’s Sharp Focus – an underarm spray. The TVC, being...

Advertising and 2-year-olds!


My daughter, all of 2 years & 6 months started talking of jumping from bridges and flyovers, of late. Panic stricken, I tried telling her that its not a good thing to do. But come a long drive and a flyover, the same dialogue was repeated. I was curious to know who taught her to even think about jumping from bridges. The mystery was solved the other day when she stood riveted in front of the...

Radio City: Sikkapatte Kannada, Swalpa Hindi – total fit


Kannadigas in Bangalore have always felt that the ‘outsiders’ are more dominant in Bangalore. Non-Kannadigas can live in Bangalore without feeling the need to learn the local language. I know people who have lived in Bangalore for a decade and yet don’t know a single word of Kannada. Maybe it sheer laziness or a not feeling the need. If people from outside the State move to...

The iPhone hype starts again?


The blogosphere is abuzz again with the impending launch of an ‘improved, 3G version’ of the iPhone. The extent to which websites go speculating about what is next, is amazing. It’s only a handset! But true to style with all Apple products, the PR they get is to die for. One website that tracks imports into the US, reports that Apple Inc. and its logistics partners have imported...

Lays: Dhoni & Saif – what’s the programme?


Lays is on a marketing overdrive with their new Saif-Dhoni ad. I guess Bingo’s success both in terms of market & mind share is giving them the heebie-jeebies. The earlier effort with Saif, pitching Lays as central to any ‘program’ in a day was middling. The attempt was to create a buzz phrase (a la ‘mera number kab aayega’) with the line ‘What’s the...

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